Friday, February 02, 2007

I Root For The Groundhog!!!

Happy Groundhog Day!!! Well I see Puxsutawney (phew, that's a mouthful!!) Phil didn't see his shadow and Spring is a mere few weeks away!!! And that's good considering I have floral beads strewn all over the studio in preparation for the new season!!!! Honestly, I always root for the groundhog today. I hope the groundhog takes a BIG bite out of the man pulling him from his den. OK, think about it. You've been asleep since, maybe October. And I mean a-s-l-e-e-p, hibernating sleep and some ya~hoo pulls you out, into light, all while fireworks blast over head and polka music blares from loud speakers. Now, wouldn't you bite???? Polka music is the last thing I would want to wake up to!!! Go Phil Go!!!!

So, what's that I said about Spring jewelry?? Yes, I have lots of corded necklaces (ready for my little copycat to copy!!!) waiting to be finished and photographed!!! And I have several other ideas in the "works". It's so nice to see the bright Spring colors again!!!! I am very excited to be finally putting up new items for sale!!!

Oh and just so you know, if you leave a comment (and feel free, I love to hear from you), you won't see it right away on the blog. I put on the "comment moderation" because I have gotten a couple of really inappropriate comments from people!!! So this way, you won't have to read the "trash"!!! I can just delete it before it goes online!!!!

And guess what??? I got my Valentine's Day present a little bit early!!! Today the UPS man delivered it, even though Mark told them to deliver it closer to Valentine's. Hey, better early than late, I say!!! What was it?? A Vermont Teddy Bear!!! With an awesome box of chocolates!!!! I have a collection of bear from VT Teddy and they are always so adorable!!! Now, what am I going to get Mark??

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