Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Craft Project Du Jour

It's been awhile since I have posted pictures of the "kids", so here are some for your viewing pleasure!!!

Who ever says Happiness is a Sleeping Puppy, is absolutely right!!! This is the only time she doesn't get into any trouble!!!

And this is my latest "craft project du jour" or should I say, craft obsession. Dog Coats. I have been knitting a dog sweater for Gillie for what seems like ages, trying hard to get a custom fit. But it is cold out and she needs a sweater, so time is of the essence here. So, while the Muse was here, I (we) came up with the "almost no sew" dog coat with a crochet trim. This is the prototype. I made three. One was too big, one was too small, and the other.....that's right Goldilocks, just right. I have to say Gillie is a very willing model. She didn't seem to mind being wrapped up in paper for the pattern or trying the coat on every step of the way!! I went to JoAnn fabric today to get some of the sale fleece. Wait until you see the prints I got!!!

Since I was in working mode this morning, I uploaded and edited and labelled all sorts of pictures. Now I just need to write the descriptions and prices and put them on the site. How about next week for a BIG update??? That way, you can have MORE new jewelry to choose from! Everyone's packages are on the way, so look for them in your mailbox soon!!!

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