Monday, February 26, 2007

Blame it on......

Blame it on the retrograde. I wonder how long I can use this excuse. In reality, only until March 10th and then I need to wait for the next one!!! Let's sum it up as it's been a weird day. Weird in the fact we were supposed to get a "dusting" of snow this morning and it ended up to be about 3 inches. Amazing, how the weathermen are always incorrect or have a disjointed sense of measurement. So I spent a portion of my morning, working the shovel up and down the driveway. Which is good exercise, so I really shouldn't complain, should I???

I also caught up with two of my "long distance friends" by phone, which is always nice. But then, got a random phone call from someone I used to know ages ago. She really didn't have anything to say, I think she was banking on getting my machine. Alas, when you work from home, it is VERY likely that I will pick up as I am here, working. As I hung up from the call, I wondered what was the purpose and, what exactly did she want. She never got to the point. You see, I was a client of hers at her salon. Was she short clients and wanted me back??? Did she want to ask me a question?? She did mention the salon but never really said why she called. Weird. I appreciate directness in a conversation. Speak up and say what you really want. Hmmm. I decided not to stew over it and blame it on retrograde weirdness.

The rest of my day was spent spinning my wheels....randomly jumping from one thing to another, unfocused. Earrings got photographed for the update (still scheduled for Thursday, by the way!) and a baby bib from my friend's new grand baby got finished. But yet, even with that, I feel like a gerbil on a wheel, running no place in particular. Some days are just a waste of makeup. Ever have a day like that?????

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