Monday, January 15, 2007

Where's the Snow???

Good Afternoon!! Well, before I decided to continue the remaining bits of the afternoon and evening as a blob on the couch, I thought I should chime in here and say "howdy". (Ha, sometimes I "go western"!!) Not much is happening here. Winter is here in the form of rain, but still no snow. Yah, the weather guys talk a good game, but no winter white blanket (of course, I could wake up tomorrow knee deep in it!!).

This is the second blog post I have written today. The first one sounded a bit to.....well, witchy with a "b". so I decided to hit the "delete" button less you all think I have become one of the those surly blog writers with nothing better to say!! Not like you need to read another rant about the fact that people need to READ their emails BEFORE hitting the send button and think about how the statement or question comes across to the person on the receiving end. Maybe the planets are out of alignment or Mercury is making another retrograde, I just don't know.

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