Friday, January 19, 2007


Good Morning!! Well, are snow turned into rain and I am very happy about that!!! Yay for no shovelling!!! I've been getting ready to go on our trip next week. Naturally, I need to back books, knitting, and work to do during the day while Mark is at his meeting. I swear I pack more "stuff" than clothes. And I did find a terrific snack for the plane. OK, not the most calorie-conscious but VERY tasty. Caribou Coffee makes granola bars with coffee in them. They come in awesome flavors too like chocolate mint, caramel, vanilla. I plan on definitely packing some in my carry on!!! (I did notice that the bars are not on their website, but they are easy enough to find. I found them right in Stop & Shop.)

I watched a great movie yesterday while I was in the studio. It's called Ladies in Lavender with one of my favorite actresses Judi Dench. Or should I say DAME Judi Dench. Anywho, it's a cool story about two older ladies who live on the coast of England in Cornwall, and an event that changes them. OK, it has no car chases, no nudity, no guns or violence whatsoever. But, if you are looking for a nice movie for a quiet afternoon this one is for you!! And that's my movie review for today!!!

OK, I think I will find another movie and get some work done in the studio. TGIF!!!

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