Monday, January 08, 2007


Yesterday, I spent the evening ready, quite possibly, the funniest book I have ever read. I am a big fan of the funny novel. David Sedaris is my hero. I love his books and even better, his books on CD. Loaded into your ipod, they are funny enough to make you roar with laughter and a guarantee that the seat on the public transport of choice will remain free and allow for some "spreading out". I nominate him for the funniest person in America, and he always will be my favorite, but this author, Laurie Notaro is giving him a run for his funny money. (oh look she has a website....yay!!!)

So, Mark and I were sitting in the living room, curled up with the book of our choice, and a pug. The house is quiet.....shh, all you can hear is the pages turning and a pug snoring blissfully. Then the laughing started. The further I read, the more I laughed. Great big belly laughs......The kind that are contagious and feel so good right to your very soul. I annoyed him at first, and then curiosity got the better of him, and he asked what could be THAT funny. I couldn't get out a sentence, I just continued to laugh and make a run for the nearest bathroom!

I highly recommend finding a copy of the Idiot Girl's Action Adventure Club, and have yourself a good laugh. I am going to search the library and hopefully they will have a copy of her book on CD. After all, I have that long plane flight the end of the month and will definitely need some amusement!!! Maybe I should run to the local Borders and pick up another one of her books........

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