Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Oh my aching toe!

Well, I thought/expected/was prepared to post some pictures today, but I am still working on the album. How about tomorrow??? I seem to have come down with a nasty staph infection in my foot (toe) from the pedicure I had last week. My toe, well, I will spare you the details, but is red, swollen, and throbbing (but the nicely painted nail still looks terrific!!) So, I'm soaking and taking antibiotics (very strong doses) and hopefully the toe will be normal soon as I cannot wear shoes and we had snow last night!!! Flip flops and snow equal a mighty chilly foot!!! I need some of these!!

Oh, the mall attached to the hotel had a Dillard's!!!! I LOVE Dillard's. Last year I got an awesome pair of Born clogs on sale!!! So, I head back there hoping for a repeat buy!! And guess what?? I found a pair of all leather (inside and out) clogs for (are you ready??) $29!!!! Wow!! I was one happy camper. Naturally I also had to buy something UT (GO LONGHORNS!!!) so I bought the UT Crocs too!!! My Texan friend and I also went to several of the area yarn shops, and I finally broke my New Year's resolution about buying yarn!!!! You knew I would!! I told you those resolutions don't stick!! (I'll post a picture of it later on the knitting blog in case you have an interest in fiber and hearing about the shops!!) So all in all, shopping in Texas was a blast!! Other activities were going to the Alamo and the Zoo!!

I guess it is very hard to beat the Sam Houston story, so I guess I'll just post the pictures and let them do the talking. OK, I'm off to soak my foot and maybe make some jewelry this afternoon!!!

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