Tuesday, January 30, 2007

My Hotel Room Came With Pets!

OK, I thought I would jump right in and tell you a little story about my hotel room. We have stayed there before and I really liked it. High and well insulated to block the noise from the drunken revelers below (because that Riverwalk can be a noisy place....especially at night when I like to sleep!!) , but provides a bird's eye view of the action. Not to mention it is attached to a mall, but I will save that story for tomorrow!!!

So it's Friday night. Mark went to a basketball game. Me?? I opted to stay in. Professional sports are not my cup of tea, and the excitement is totally wasted on me. Besides, HE would not let me bring knitting, so why bother! Well, I make myself some tea and get to making some earrings for the website (SEVEN pairs are on their way!). I am alone, or am I???

I go into the bathroom, and as I am sitting there, I casually look over into the tub and see a hair sticking out of the overflow drain (see picture below if you do not know what that is). I thought oh, it must be from the maid when she cleaned as it was not there yesterday, or it is mine. No big deal. Then I see it gently moving. Hmm.... there is no breeze in here, there is no window or a fan.

Yes, sports fans, it was exactly what you are thinking. I grab a tissue and the minute the antennae touched the tissue, poof, it went back into the drain. I sat (yes, really) and thought about this. Conclusion, cockroach. And after speaking to my Texan friend, we concluded that is must have been mighty large (After all, everything is bigger in TX, right??) judging from the length of the antennae. So, I actually pondered for a minute. Do I call the front desk? Do I move the room?? Will Mark be able to find me when he returns from the game? I waited, (yes really) and when I saw it's little head pop out again, I called. The girl at the front desk almost screamed and a maintenance man was up there as fast as a bullet. He came to my door armed with a can of spray, but I thought he needed a whip and a chair.

He opened the drain and sprayed. Like that is going kill it. Mark returned shortly thereafter and we elected to leave the bathroom light on all night as they do not like light. Who wants to wake up with a unwanted and unwelcome visitor. After we had a few laughs about it, we decided to name it. We chose "Sam Houston" because we were at the Alamo earlier in the morning absorbing some Texas history.

Sam never reappeared. Maybe he was out looking for General Santa Anna. But I have to tell you, I did eye the drain suspiciously each time I was in there!!!

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