Sunday, January 14, 2007

I'm here!!!

Ok, I finally got all situated over here on the "New & Improved" blogger. Notice the changes?? Probably not yet, but it is MUCH easier to update (Yay!!) and to adjust your blog without having to figure out all the HTML codes. Not that it wasn't fun doing that, but man, it's a time saver....big time!

I did notice that it has been a few days since I updated. Time sure flies....... mark is jetting his way to LA for a business meeting and I'm here, holding down the fort. I have a list about a mile long and know I will accomplish very little of it. And that's ok. I've already been to Trader Joe's and Home Depot this morning. Everyone's packages got mailed yesterday. And I'm ready for the storm that is supposed to roll in tomorrow. I plan on staying in ALL DAY!!! It probably will be all rain (and that is fine by me!!). It will be NOTHING like the weather my friends in Denver are experiencing!! Wow. That's all I can say. So I have NO RIGHT to complain, do I???

Has anyone seen the movie Pan's Labryinth??? I really want to go but I am wondering how it really is. The critics gave it great reviews but I heard it is violent. I saw a preview at the theater a few weeksends ago and it looked so interesting. A mesh between Alice and Wonderland with a Harry Potter/LOTR quality to it. Leave a comment if you have seen it. I'd love to know what you thought.

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