Monday, January 29, 2007

I'm back!!!

I'm back!!! Which I am sure you all missed me!!! :) I have quite a few funny stories to share!! But first, I must unpack, get laundry in the washer and sort the mail. All that fun stuff that comes with going away!!! I will return the emails for orders TONIGHT and work on returning the friendly ones tomorrow so if you are waiting to hear from me, you will. :)

Do I have pictures?? YES I do. Hopefully I can upload them and edit them up a bit and post them either tomorrow or Wednesday. Wow did I have fun!!! I shopped and ate, and ate, and ate and am in serious need of a MAJOR diet/exercise program at this very minute.

Ok, enough computer time, I need to go take an "Airborne" and try to avoid any cold/fu potential!!! Until tomorrow..................

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