Thursday, January 04, 2007

Day 4

Well, here is is day 4 of the new year, how are y'all doing???? Break those resolutions yet???? :) Well, for me, I have NOT bought any's killing me but I will survive. I am going to really work hard and using what I HAVE this year (yah, yah, I talked about this before...I know.) The beads?? Well, (hanging head in shame) will be another story. I have a collection of lampwork that would make a bead lover, scream with glee and then fall on the floor convulsing, but I can't stop cold turkey.....NO!!! It just wouldn't be right. Who knew glass could be so a chocolate truffle. I will just be more "selective" this year. Yes, that means I purchased some in the past four days......but I had ordered them BEFORE the new year so does that count???

Let's see...what were my other resolutions again????

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Katie Where did you go?