Saturday, January 20, 2007

Cleaning Up!!!

Phew, I have just spent over an hour and a half, cleaning up my itunes. OK, I have LOTS of music!! I think I can listen for a year without hearing the same thing twice!! Oh yah, I meant lots!! . Well, my computer just can't handle it anymore and stuff had to go. Earlier this morning, I cleaned up my hard drive, clearing out all the programs no longer used. Then I decided to tackle itunes. After all, I need to fill my "pod" with cool tunes for the flights coming up so what better time to do it than now?? I got rid of all the "read" audiobooks, and all the duplicate songs. Did I really need five copies of Barry Manilow's "Copacabana"? I think not!!! So my computer seems to have appreciated the clean up and it is not whirring like it about to take flight with every keystroke. Listen, you can hear it breathe a sigh of relief!! So that was my morning, how was yours??

Tonight we are going out for Chinese food (can you say yummy) and I am hoping to coerce Mark into stopping at the bookstore on the way home. There is a new book I HAVE TO HAVE!!! :) Keep your fingers crossed for me!!!

Enjoy your weekend!!!

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