Thursday, January 11, 2007

Attack of the Germs, Part 2

Today I am:


I did run to the Target and picked up some antibacterial wipes and hand gel for the car (amongst other things). Think about this. How many times do you touch a dirty shopping cart, that probably has been coughed and sneezed on by "wee hands" (yes, children are germy, and you know it) and then you hop in your car, and touch the steering wheel. And then, you touch your face, rub your eyes or (gulp) eat something???? See, I told you I was a germ-o-phobe. So, right now, go put a bottle of hand sanitizer in you car. Go ahead, I will wait.

As far as my "uncreative" status, it too shall pass much like the irrational fear of the Norwalk virus entering my home!! And I don't have to be "on point" creatively every day, do I????

And I completely forgot to mention, just in case you're interested. I posted MORE silver supplies on my "Yard Sale" page!! Lots of different silver (yes, it is sterling) up for grabs including a bonus bag that would be good for a newbie beader. Go check it out!!! (Almost sold out!!! ONE set left!!! More coming soon!!!)

Ok, I'm going to go clean off the computer keyboard, more tomorrow.

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