Monday, December 04, 2006


Hi Everyone!!! We finally had our first snowfall this morning!! It was so pretty. Just enough to cover the trees and grass, about one inch or so, and then the sun came out and it is a beautiful day!! Gotta love that New England weather!!!

I just thought I would get a quick update in before I work on the Holiday gifts. Proudly, I am almost done. Sadly, I did not reach my goal of having it all finished by year, right?? But I think I will get the cards written ond out, and then finish up a gift basket for a friend this afternoon. I have ONE thing left to buy, and it is a gift certificate so it's an easy one!!! I am definitely avoiding the stores from now until the New Year!! And it will be here soon enough.

Mark came home from Denver with these YUMMY almond cookies from a Whole Foods in Colorado Springs. I have NEVER seen them before, and supposedly that is the ONLY Whole Foods in CO that makes them. I tasted it and immediately went online to find the recipe!! And believe it or not I did!!! So, I am going to try to duplicate them sometime soon, I will let you know how they turn out!!! Doesn't this winter weather make you want to bake and cook????

Ok, I have laundry to fold, presents to put together and some new bracelet ideas to try out....this afternoon is full!!! Until tomorrow.....................

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