Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Resolution #2

So, as we count down the weeks until hte new is resolution #2. As in a previous post, I know resolutions made on New Year's don't stick. Don't make me tell you about my job in the "fitness industry"!!! :) But here is my thought process. I write them down HERE on this blog. For some reason seeing them in print, spread all over the internet for all those who care to read about it, will make me accountable. I will put them in a list form, add them to the sidebar and periodically, we can check my progress. Hopefully SOME will get done, let's not put undue strain on myself, shall we????

Ok, Resolution #2........STASH BUSTING. Over the past year, I have been decluttering my house like crazy (ala Fly Lady!!) Believe me it is great! I've donated all my clothing that is no longer in style or doesn't fit (!!) All the "what was I thinking when I shelled out good money for this?" stuff. No kitchen clutter...and believe it or not, you can actually walk around my basement without tripping overstuff. Ya know what?? It feels good......good feng shui and all that jazz. BUT, I still have stashes. Namely Yarn, Beads, and Books. My three favorite things (not including my husband and pugs!! - I put that part in here for him!!)

So get to the point, will ya....This year (2007) I am going to use up what I have. Read what I have purchased, and then swap them at Paperback Swap. Knit up some of my stash, I cannot say all because well, it looks like a yarn shop in the guest room and I will NEVER be able to bust though all that fiber!! But I'd like it to be a workable, I know what's in all those boxes stash!! And use some of my extra large bead stash!! I have collected lampwork for years and they are too nice to be sitting in the studio, where no one can see them!!!

We will see how long this lasts...probably by January you will see me running through Borders with a shopping cart full of books, and at the yarn shop with a UHaul backed up to the door!!! Wish me luck!! I'm gonna need it!!!

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