Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Resolution #1

This morning I was drinking my coffee and doing a little blog surfing.....I like to read other people's blogs, do you?? Partciularly those that knit. Some of these people have a gift, and it is not just the gift of taking some yarn and two sticks and making something completely fabulous, but they also have the gift of writing as well. Damn them I is not fair!! You can tell when I am reading others blogs and then immediatly turn to my sad little one, hands on "home row" as we learned in 7th grade, ready to write my witty observations on life.......

My blog can be boring, yes, I realize this. After all, 99% of my week occurs in my home. I work from there, I enjoy spending time there......remember one of my hobbies is annoying my nosey neighbor??? But if I only venture to the market and the occasional store, what witty observations do I have?? The dogs?? Birds at the window??? They do the same thing every day to. Do they feel the rut too??? "Oh terrific, another bowl of dry kibble"??? So, that brings us to today's topic.......

New Year's Resolutions. That was some seque wasn't it!! Hee!!! Do you make them??? If so, do you keep them??? 99% of New Year's resolutions fail. I can say this with some certainty because I worked many a year in the fitness, health club or gym industry, whatever you want to call it. My little corner of hell is more like it, but that is a story for another day! I saw the crash and burn of all the "I will be fit in the New Year" and have a body that rivals "Ahnold S." by February 1st which usually translates into 2 weeks of solid, going to the gym everyday, 2 hours or more and then, hey look donuts!!! .......So I am skeptical, at best, and yet.......I still make them.

I start thinking about them now, usually the first one is, I will make all my gifts and they will be spectacular.....the kind they open and say YOU made THIS????? Wow, are you sure you didn't shop at Nordstrom this year??? My mind spins with all the possibilites, none of which envolve weight or work out topics because we all know those don't come to fruition...right??? I make lists, buy supplies, and then, hey look donuts!!! It becomes November and full on panic insues!!

Thus, I am going to begin my list today...right here....and now. My first resolution is to try, and I mean make the greatest effort possible to make this blog and exciting read for you, my blog readers. By writing this, does it mean I will do it??? I don't know, but I am damn well going to try!!!

Oh, one more thing.....I have some earrings to post for you today......... A 2 pair for the "Dancing" collection and one for the "Dessert" Collection. I have a resizing to do and a custom order to do, so I don't know how many new items I will have for tomorrow......... I will try!! (could this be resolution #2????)

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