Saturday, December 30, 2006

Random Thoughts.

Howdy all!! Can you believe it is almost 2007!! Wow this year whipped by!! Let's all have a terrfic 2007, shall we??? I can't wait to start the new year. There is something about a clean slate, a fresh calendar, the chance to do something new.

Not much is happening around here, housework drudgery and cake baking....tomorrow I will be frosting and keep your fingers crossed that the "frosting fairy" will grace me with her prescence and the cake will be beautiful!! If not, off to the bakery. The cake part is delicious so it can always be crumbled over ice cream if it turns out wonky! Don't you love how I think?? We rented "Little Miss Sunshine" from Netflix. I had seen it in the theater, but Mark had not. I gotta say, it gets better each time you see it!!! I think it will be in my list of favorites. If you have not seen it, rent yourself a copy. It is as funny as it is sweet.

Have a great evening......see you in 2007!!!

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