Friday, December 08, 2006

A new Top 5!!!!

Let's recover the missing "Top 5 Fridays" the haste of the season, this little portion of my blog got passed over, and it certainly wasn't for something good to say!!! So, onward to today's top 5 list......

Katie's Top 5 Favorite Websites

(Disclaimer: Many of my friends have websites and I REFUSE to hurt feelings by listing them. Yes, I do check them everyday, and yes, they are so creative and terrific but I don't want to insult anyone......and get hate emails saying why am I only #4??? one wants to be any less than #1, so girls, you are exempt. And this does not count my favorite knitting websites....that's going down an entirely different road for an entirely different blog!!! )

1. Paperback Swap
If you read lots of books, you need this me!!! You can thank me later.....
2. Fly Lady
Marla is my hero!!!
3. Pyramid Cam
Someday I will stand at the base of the Great Pyramid....until then, I have this!
4. FoodTV
A girl's gotta eat right????
5. A Knock At The Duir
Take a minute and watch this movie. (scroll about half way down the page for the link) It is inspiring!!!

And on a studio note: There are many new items listed today!!! Go check them out!!!

Happy Friday!!!! TGIF!!!!!

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