Thursday, December 28, 2006

New Rules at WED

Well, it's been a few days and I thought I'd better update so you don't think I have run away!!!! :) Actually, for a notriously slow week, I've been BUSY!!! I even got another custom order today!! Thanks everyone fro sharing your Christmas cheer with me!! Speaking of that, I have updated my policies and some important ordering information and you can see it here, just in case you are NOT on the email newslettter list (and why not??? Sometimes I have "mailing list only specials" and you wouldn't want to miss those now, would you??)

Ok, now that the pesky "business" is out of the way, what have you been doing this week??? Home with the kids??? Awaiting another blizzard in Devnver??? (what is up with that??) At the movies??? I did get to see "Night in the Museum" this week. It was cute, in a kind of "Jumanji-esque" sort of way. Definitely not an award winner but very entertaining though. Lots of kids were laughing their little heads off so I guess if you are 10, it's funny. I have also been getting ready for Mark's birthday on Monday. Yup, a New Year's eve baby! I went to AC Moore today in search of cake decorating supplies. Armed with my coupon, I actually found hopefully all that I need. I have not decorated a cake since my "xray days" so I just might be running to the bakery for a "replacement". If it comes out aesthetically pleasing, there might be a picutre! Heck, I'll take a picture of the bakery one and tell you I made it!! Who would know???? (grin)

Well, I guess that's all the news to report today!!!! Back later.......

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