Sunday, December 17, 2006

The Lost Weekend

Well, I'm back..sorta....... it was a totally lost weekend. The antibiotics kicked in and started doing their job and I rest and slept alot with the codeine cough syrup, and I'd like to be getting back to normal this week!! I battle brochitis several times a year thanks to my asthma, and sometimes it knocks me on my fanny!!! Happily, the house does NOT look like an atomic bomb testing site, thanks to the FlyLady program and my DH who kept it picked up. And I don't have a mountain of laundry, again, thanks to the flylady program, so I can ease back gently into my routine. I never really made it out of the house in days....... and honestly, I really didn't want to be seen, I was not looking my "best". :)

Does anyone really watch day time tv?? No, not soap operas......the other stuff, Jerry, Montel, he court shows, the psych shows?? Geez, they are really trashy and B-A-D. Really BAD!!! I normally don't watch tv during the day, unless I pop in a dvd in the studio. Now I see why I don't!!! I did try to knit a bit although errors were made thanks to the codeine, but it was better than the tv programs. Ok, I did spend alot of time watching the Golden Girls...I love that show!!!

Well, let's see...there is not much other news to report on....unless you want to discuss the lack of decent tv during the day!!! And no I still have not called to get that sweet little pup I was holding last weekend!!!! Can you believe it??? Ok, enough of the chat, I need to answer my emails from this weekend......if you sent me'll be hearing from me soon!!!

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