Tuesday, December 26, 2006

It's OVER!!!

I hope everyone is recovered from the "holiday weekend" no matter what winter holiday you celebrate!!! Time to get back in the swing of things!! I was speaking with a friend yesterday and we both agreed it will feel really good to get back on regular work, eating, exercise schedules...yes, I said that horrible "E" word...exercise. I really need to be doing that again.......

Well, I thought you might enjoy some puppy pictures (no, I did NOT get a new puppy!!) These are of my three and their new toys they got last week! Having three dogs, we go through toys mighty quickly here! Some are just not "tug proof" and meet an unfortunate end which usually involves copious amounts of fluffy stuffing and lost appendages. A regular battle scene!!! I have, however found a brand of toys that last. Sure, they are more expensive but well worth it in my eyes. We have some that have been "loved" hard for over a year now....and their still going strong with all legs and arms still firmly attached. They are made by "Fat Cat Inc." and you can usually find them at the big pet supply chains and even Target...or online!!! Not only are they durable, they are so cute and they have the BEST funny names....as you will see.

This is Gillie...yes THAT Gillie from the surgery saga last month. She has "Wham a Ham". and she doesn't really like me sticking the camera in her face while she is munching.......can you tell???

Next is Miss Muzzy with "Hurtle a Heifer" (couldn't you just die with the names??). She is happy with anything she gets so she was easy to get a good picture!!!

And finally, Lucy. Or as she is better known "The Divine Miss L". She also was not keen on posing for the camera. You can't see it but she has "Flail a Fowl". She is known far and wide for her dirty looks....who says dogs don't think!!!

Enjoy your day!!!

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