Thursday, December 07, 2006

Glass anyone???

In the beginning.......there was furnace glass. Oh yes, little colored tubes of glass cut by hand in various shapes. It glistened, it shined and I LOVED it!!! It all started with a bracelet I purchased at the Museum of Fine Arts Boston (or the MFA to you locals!!) ages ago...back when my jewelry took a back seat to things like college and a full time job!! It was simple, colored tubes with crytals and silver......and I paid way too much for it!!! But I love it and actually wore it all the time to work, so the purchase was therfore justified, right?? Right! So, when I got back into the making jewelry again, I decided to make furnace glass bracelets!!! I hunted it down like a bloodhound looking for an escaped convict! I sniffed around ebay and found some!! Well, lots!!! And I bought, and bought, and bought.......

And they sat, and sat, and sat.... until now......I'm starting my "New Year Studio Clean Out Early"!! I just posted four (count 'em FOUR) sets of unique handmade beads...and a set of lovely lampwork leaves that just happened to be in that bead box. Hey, I've got more beads than I have time!!! I would love to see them used and loved!!! So, take a look here and if you see something you love, email me!!! If you are looking for a specific color, email me too...I just might have it!!!

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