Friday, November 03, 2006

Top 5 Friday!!!

Welcome once again to "Top 5 Friday"..... Recently, Mark and I have been lamenting on the lack of decent concerts to go to. "Back in the day" we went to TONS of concerts, everyone from Sarah Brightman to Kiss. Lately the prices go up and up...ok, I'm not cheap but $750 to see Barbara Streisand is a tad over my budget. I know, I know, she is great and all, but seriously, that could be money well spent elsewhere. Do you know how much yarn I could buy with that?? :) Ok, back to the Top 5.....for this Friday it is my TOP 5 CONCERTS I HAVE BEEN TO!!!

1. Aerosmith (Nine Lives Tour)
2. Rolling Stones (Voodoo Lounge Tour) - Mark's and my FIRST date!!!
3. India Arie (She is the most talented woman artist in ages!!)
4. Barry Manilow (come on you all know the words to Mandy!!)
5. Duran Duran

Honorable Mention goes to Wayne Newton because ok, he is a legend but the audience is much more fun to watch than him...danka schoen.

As you can see I have very diverse music tastes!!! :) What are your favorites?????

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