Friday, November 17, 2006

Thanksgiving Top 5

It's time again for:

Today is my top 5 favorite things about Thanksgiving!!!
What are yours???

1. Roasted squash with maple syrup and butter (YUMMY!!)
2. Stuffing (Eat as uch as you want and don't feel like a pig!! It's Thanksgiving!!)
3. Pie (Any kind, apple, cherry, long as it is baked sweetie goodness!!)
4. The Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Special (A tradition)
5. The Macy's Parade Balloons!!!! (Act like a kid again!!)

Have a great day!!!


Anonymous said...

Kathy's Thanksgiving Top 5
1. Mashed Potatoes with butter


3. Corn

4. Apple or Pecan pie or any pie.

5. Macy's Day Balloons ( I help test fly them ) What alot of FUN...

Kate said...

Hi Kathy!! Oh yah, I forgot about the mashed potatoes!!! Defintiely!!! I am going to post your balloon pics this week...what until you all see them....awesome!!!