Saturday, November 04, 2006

A Quote, A Vote, and A Studio Note.

The Quote:

Since Saturday is quote day and I am away again in Philadelphia..... I will leave you with this until next week....when you can witness MORE boring vacation snaps (oh boy!!!!)......I bet you can't wait!!!! :)

"Be the change you wish to see in the world"

The Vote:

Oh, and if you vote for my website while I'm gone, I would appreciate it. Click on the link to the right, and then click on "enter this site" to cast the vote for me. You can only vote once per day and every 24 votes will not count if you, let's say, vote at 7 am one day and 6:45 the next...ok??? Let's get to voting!!! And just to make it fun, email me after you vote, with your name and my Artzee ranking.....and I'll enter your name in a hat for a drawing of something cool....maybe earrings...a cell phone charm...we'll see when I get back, OK??? Email me at designsbykatie (at) hotmail (dot) com with those votes!!!!

And the Studio Note:

** STUDIO NOTE: I WILL NOT HAVE EMAIL ACCEESS FROM SATURDAY 11/4 UNTIL WEDNESDAY 11/8. Any items requested during that time will be invoiced and mailed on my return.....thanks for understanding....this is my LAST trip this year!!! **

When I return, I will have MORE jewelry for you (the Holidays are approaching fast)..... and MORE "yard sale" items as I clean out the studio.......MORE fun stuff on the blog......MORE knitting patterns......and well, just MORE!!! See you soon!!!

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Little Fire said...

Hi Katie,

how are you? hope all is well with you :) so sorry that I never emailed you like I said I would. this semester at school is just manic. however I would still really like to connect with you, meet for coffee or something...or you could come to my Stitch n Bitch meeting...Wed, 7-9pm, Starbucks across the road from Berklee 150 Mass. Ave...anyway I would love to hear from you. email addy is parisa(UNDERCORE)june(AT)hotmail(DOT)com

looking forward to hearing from you!