Saturday, November 25, 2006

On the issue of copying

Ah, that old chestnut...... Every so often the issue of copying rears it's ugly head......usually, I remain neutral and quiet, but I feel the need to comment now. I have thought long and hard about this, and rather than "stew over it" I am making my feelings known and being done with the issue.

A good friend of mine recently brought to my attention a "newbie" jewlery maker (I cannot use the word designer here - although she certainly does - copying does not equal "designing") who has copied my "Goddess Necklace" design. Hmm...I felt I needed to check it out too.

Come to find out, this person reads my blog (which is why I am saying this HERE and not on a public forum) and obviously comes to look for ideas. First of all, did you think I would not find out??? If you do NOT post the designs on your site!!! I know you are new to this business but you will piss off MANY people and be labelled a "copycat". The necklace in question was definitely not a direct copy but the bead shape, materials and layout were the same and had MY thumbprint all over it!!!

If you use my site for inspiration that is FINE by me......but don't steal ideas......karma is a boomerang and it will come bouncing back at you three fold. Not a good thing. So, my advice here is BE ORIGINAL!!!!!

P.S. Do not email me and ask me who this person is. I WILL NOT SLANDER anyone. I do not want to be one of those people who makes slanderous remarks about others on their blog, only to satisfy the gossipy lust of others. I mentioned this only because it affects me and makes me sad. She knows and that is all that matters. Enough said. Consider this subject closed.

::Rant Off::

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