Monday, November 13, 2006

New items for sale!!!

Well, it's Monday again....I've been sitting at the computer this morning, having a little coffee (ha!!) and decided I would update the blog now, before life gets in the way, you know how Mondays can be!!! Did everyone have a pleasant weekend?? My friend Norma and I saw a great movie on Saturday called "The Queen". If you are an Anglophile like I am, you must see it. It was really good. It was shocking how much Helen Mirren looked like Queen Elizabeth! Ok, there were parts I definitely think the writer and director took "artistic license" on, but all in all, four stars in my book.

And from the studio: NEW JEWELRY ADDED!!! That's right, some NEW pieces to look at!!! And some new specials for you bargain hunters out there!!! So pop on over and see.....I'll be adding MORE this week as well, those Holidays are approaching fast!!! I'm in the studio all week, making new collections and working on behind the scenes check the blog for updates!!

Yesterday, the wonderful owner of the Link Gallery emailed me some amazing pictures. As you know, it is located in beautiful Estes Park, Colorado and she lives nestled in the mountains and is surrounded by wildlife!! She even had a bobcat on her porch once!!! This picture was just too good not to share with you......

Have a great day!!!

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