Wednesday, November 22, 2006

New Balloon Preview

Um, yah, it's really 2:30 am nd I am up. I have not seen this hour in quite a long time!!! Well, if I have, I roll over and go back to sleep!!! How do college kids do it?? :) The "patient" is awake so therefore I am too. I have isolated her in the studio, mainly because Muzzy (or the Menace 2 Society) will roughhouse her and that is on her "things not to do" list!!! So she sleeps alone.

So, what's with the Snoopy balloon?? You've see in here first!! This is the new balloon for that famous parade (held in NYC and named for a department store wink wink)!!! My friend Kathy sent me this picture as she is lucky enough to "test drive" the new balloons every year!! (I'll post the ones of last year later....just in case you missed them!!) Isn't it cool?? Thanks Kathy for sharing this picture!!! And how cool are you for getting to test them out!!!

::yawn:: Ok, I'm going to see if I can keep this dog quiet now........maybe I can sleep too???

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