Monday, November 27, 2006

Monday Blues......

It's Monday again!!!! The nice thing about working from home is no more Monday blues..... In my last job, I had opening duty at a health that meant being up and ready at 5 about Monday blues......Although, I am having sever typing difficulties today!!! Trying to get into my blogger account, I typed everything was blooger, bloofger.....ha!!! Nothing that a little more coffee can't cure!!!

So how was your weekend??? I spent most of the weekend getting acquainted with my washing machine as Gillie had very little bladder control from the surgery and peed just about everywhere!!! Poor thing, you really couldn't get mad at her, after all, it was not her fault. The surgery was pretty invasive. Hopefully the side effects will diminish soon. I did make another Thanksgiving dinner using the leftover turkey with a most excellent stuffing!! A friend forwarded me the recipe from It was a Rachel Ray recipe and was DELICIOUS, let me tell you!!! Just what I need more stuffing!! I am stuffed to the brim as it is!!! :) I really need the "Special K" diet this week!!!!

I have been working on new designs but knitting is the primary focus right now as I need to finish up some of my gifts so there is no 11th hour knitting panic!!! I will post some new designs soon. I think I will post them as I complete them instead of presenting them allat once like normal....just in cas eyou want one for the Holidays!!!!! ::wink::

Have a great day everyone!!!!

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