Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Happy Homemaker

I am no baker....I have never claimed to be. I cook really well, but baking, it's too much of an exact science to me. Reminds me of high school chemistry.......ugh. So today, the baking bug bites me. Every year around this time, I try, and fail miserably. It must be the cool weather, grey days, the approaching holiday, I don't know!! Well, I tired and suceeded today!!!! No I did NOT pick up a wonderful cake at the bakery and claim it as mine.....tempting as it sounds. I made a cake from scratch. And not any old cake either.....a Scottish Lemon Syrup cake!!! Complete with a creme fraiche and lemon curd topping!! (Ok, I did NOT make the lemon curd....so sue me!) I can't believe it...it is edible and downright delicious. File this under: Amazing!!! All the planets must be in alignment today!

And if you're saying great..now I am hungry and want the recipe...here it is: Lemon Syrup Cake
Let me tell you...it is easy and delicious........
(I was told the link did not work...... I fixed it so refresher your browser and try again!!! - Thanks Kathy for telling me!!! )

And I finished up a custom order in the studio too!!!! Now if I can just finish up all the knitting......but I think I will have more cake first!!! :)

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