Thursday, November 09, 2006

Fun in Philly

Ok, I'm back. Yes, I do have pictures and I'm working on sorting them out!! Philly was lots of fun. I did get to walk around Independence Park! Because, you cannot go to Philly and not see the Liberty Bell, right??? And we saw lots of museums, I can't help it, I am a museum geek!..... including this one called the Mutter Museum (that has .. over the "u" but I don't know how do do that with this keyboard) which had all sorts of medical oddities and real examples of diseases (brains in jars and the like)......I know, not for everyone, but we enjoyed it. Oh and there were cases upon cases of stuff people swallowed.....can you believe someone saved them???? Unfortunately, there was no photography in the museum...bummer.....but I did get some postcards and I will scan them if you are interested. My favorite was the Rodin Museum which was modelled after the original one in Paris. And it is every bit as nice as the Parisian one too!!! I took LOTS of pictures in there, it was not crowded at all!!! So that's it in a nutshell...... look for pictures later today or tomorrow. Oh, and if you are looking for pictures of me, there are none....why, you might ask??? Well, I came down with a sinus infection and let's just say, I was not looking my best. :)

Thanks for the votes!! Kathy H of SD. won herself a nice little prize!! Thanks girl!!! I'll snap a picture of her prize later when the sun comes out...can you believe it is raining again??? Hey, it's better than snow.......

Wow, it's Thursday already so I best get rolling here and get stuff done!! If I owe you an email, it's on it's way!!!

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