Friday, November 10, 2006

Friday's Top 5

Ok, it's Friday once again and it's time for "Top 5 Friday" the weather gets colder, I trade in my iced coffee and tea for the hot versions. Nothing like a warm cup of coffee on a cool morning or a hot cup of tea for a Fall afternoon.......which brings me to today's list.......

Katie's Top 5 Favorite Teas

1. PG Tips (just the best black tea around..... I like it so much I have the 240 count box in my pantry at all times.)

2. Candy Cane Lane by Celestial Seasonings (yah, it's decaf but it is so sweet, just like a sugary treat without all the calories!)

3. Earl Grey and Lavender by Revolution (Earl grey scented with Lavender.....ahhhhhhh)

4. Bali Black Raspberry by Celestial Seasonings (ok, I like the name...but the tea is excellent as well)

5. Azteca Fire by Teavana (yet another decaf made the list but this one as real dried strawberries and bits of choclate....say no more.)

Well, I need to hook up my window bird feeder that I found at Target (have I mentioned how much I love that store??). Outside the studio is a big pine tree that chickadees nest in, and they like to come by the window and check out the studio. During the summer months, they rest on the air conditioner, but since that is out of the window, there is no place for them to rest..... that's where the bird feeder comes in.... I thought it would be nice if they had a little perch and some food to enjoy!! We'll see if I am quick enough with the camera to get some pictures.

Have a happy Friday...enjoy your day!!!

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