Monday, November 20, 2006

Feels like snow.....

Wow, our week of 70 degree weather (rather unseasonable if you ask me) has definitely changed!!! The sky has the definite look of snow....grey, chilly, you know the one...unless you live in the South and then you don't!! Trust me, snow is definitely on it's way!! I guess lots of people in the Upper Midwest, and Colorado have already recieved their first snowfall....New England is definitely due!!!

I have quite the busy week this week, but I am here, trying to stay on top of the emails and orders!!! I got all my grocery shopping done for Thanksgiving over with yesterday and even selected some beads from the famous "stash" for a few new collections. I might not get to actually construct anything before the weekend but new stuff is on the way!!

My sweet Gillie is having her surgery today and I will keep you posted. Thank you to all my friends who emailed asking about her..... I really think Muzzy misses her "big sister" today. She is looking rather sad. But then again, she always looks kind of sad. That look won her a trip to Petco from my friend Norma during my last trip!!!! :)

**3:45 pm update..... Mark just called the hospital and she has not been even taken into the OR yet.......I feel so bad for her, waiting all day like that!! I will update again when I hear from the Doctor**

** 7 pm update.....I just heard from the surgeon and all is well. He managed to get all the stones out of her little bladder. He is going to call back tomorrow to let me know if I can go and pick her up later in the afternoon!! I hope so...the studio is going to double as a recovery room to prevent her from climbing stairs, running and jumping on the sofa and chair. Then we can work on preventing this from happening again!!**

Ok, it's time to finish the usual Monday routine....just thought I would check in.......Have a great day!!!

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