Thursday, November 16, 2006

Dreary Day

Hi Everyone.... one week from today is Turkey Day!!! :) I cannot believe it is here already!! Today is rather a dull day I'm afraid. It's cloudy and raining and kinda warm......for November anyway! I try very hard NOT to complain about the weather (or do I???) but we have had very little sunshine this past week and a half....... So, I kinda feel like the weather...dreary!!!

On the "studio bird" front......I think these little guys are not too bright. They fly up to the feeder sit on the perch and peck at the container holding the birdseed. If they looked down, they would see all the fresh seed at their feet in he little trough. I might have to find another style with more of a "landing strip" for them....maybe the perch is too small, or I have dumb birds!!

My little Gillie (the black/silver pug) is going to the vet tomorrow. I think the poor baby has some sort of urinary infection. Hopefully it is NOT bladder stones. I had a Golden with them and it almost killed her (well, that and the vet was downright HORRIBLE - and we will NEVER go to him again!!) Hopefully, all will be fine and just some anitbiotics will be an order. So I might be away from the computer and studio tomorrow........

I think I'm going to go work in the studio and enjoy the new season of Little Britain that just came out on DVD Tuesday...that should take away the drearies!!! That show is seriously funny!!!!

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