Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Camera Shy Birds!!

Ok, I hate to say it, but it is another grey day out!!! But it is WAY too WARM for snow!! Tomorrow it is supposed to be 65 degrees.....can you believe that??? So that means I cannot photograph my new jewelry to show you. :( But, I juts keep making new pieces until the sun comes out and I can get some decent pictures!!! The next site update is going to be a BIG one!!!
So, I'm sitting here updating my blog, sipping my Dunkin Gingerbread Latte, and trying to get some pictures of the cute birds that come to the studio window. I am not that quick with the shutter...and birds don't pose....but I am trying!!! They are very camera shy!!! Maybe I'll be quick enough and be able to post one later today!! That I don't need a bright day to get a decent picture!!! Oh and please do not email me and tell me how many calories are in a Latte...I'm sure it is more than I need, but none the less, delicious for a "once in awhile" treat!!!

A Gillie update.....she is still having some side effects from the surgery, so the vet and I have been playing lots of phone tag trying to figure out what meds she needs. Hopefully another round of antibiotics can stop the problem. Her stones came back as "struvite" which the long and short of it mean a diet change and monitoring.......I better make and sell more jewelry, that prescription kibble ain't cheap!!! :)

Ok, back to stalking the birds and working!! Have a happy Wednesday!!!!!

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