Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Bad Sushi

Ok, so it is yet another grey day out there. More often than not, the weather has been like this lately!! Actually, dare I say it, it has the look of snow again!! So..... yesterday..... I sent my stomach into a tail spin! My friend Norma and I went out to lunch at the new Chinese place down the street (honestly, it's not new anymore, I go there about once a week, at least). So I bite into this big piece of sushi, and gee, I put WAY TOO MUCH wasabi on it and nearly puked. All afternoon my stomach tossed and turned and I felt generally blah, I took maalox, tums, zantac a compazine (not all at once!! sporadically) and swear I had nightmares from it!!! Will I eat it again, you betcha because the sushi was not bad, I made it bad......so I'll just use the wasabi sparingly!!!! It's a bland diet for me today!! :)

Hopefully this afternoon I can work in the studio for a bit and maybe get some knitting done as well.....since I was so productive this morning with my errands, hopefully the afternoon will be the same as well (fingers crossed).

Also, please ignore all the typos in yesterday's post!! I really can spell!!!! :)

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