Friday, October 27, 2006

Something new??!!

Ok, here's something new that I thought would splash a bit of life into this sagging it boring in here or just me??? To much jewelry and vacation photos, and not enough life??? Well, doing my blog surf...I noticed people post specific things on specific "Flash your Stash" type stuff. No, you do not walk around the house in a trench coat randomly flashing your personal possesions (imagine if your neighbors were looking in the window? What a sight that would be!!). I mean take photos of your stuff. Your yarn stash, bead stash, books, movies, what have you....... Seeing as I am terrible about posting pictures, how about if Friday becomes "List Day" that way, y'all (sorry I went Southern on ya!) can partcipate and leave me your lists in the comment box. Sound like a plan??

Well then, in honor of Halloween, which is rapidly's List is my top 5 Halloween Candies........

Katie's Top 5
Halloween Candies

1. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups (The hand's down winner)
2. M & M's (any flavor - I ain't particular)
3. Almond Joy (because sometimes you feel like a nut!!!!)
4. Candy Corn (who says it is not a vegetable??)
5. Snickers

(keep in mind these are NOT my favorite candy bars..that list will come later....)


Anonymous said...

These are Kathy's top 5 candies for Halloween
1. Dots
2. flavored tootsie rolls
3. m&m's
4. twix
5. milky way
This is fun Katie !!!

Kate said...

Hi Kathy!!! I completely forgot about flavored tootsie rolls!!! I LOVE those....especially the vanilla!!!

Anonymous said...

Helen's top 5
1.Kit Kat
2.Mr. Goodbar
3.Baby Ruth
5.all else!!!!