Friday, October 06, 2006

Nantucket Notes

Hi All!!! I'm back form my little getaway, all rested and refreshed (and a few pounds heavier too!!) . I feel the muse calling me back to the design board, so that is a good thing!!! As promised, I made a little photo album to share! Just click on the ferry view them!!!

Well, the trip was great, except for a snag at the begining, and at the end with the front desk at the hotel. I was all set to write a whole blog entry about what happened, but last night the manager of the hotel called us, and apologized and made things right. So, I am back to liking the hotel again, although the concierge named Dick is.....well let's just say his name suits him!!! Bwahaha!!!! the island itself was more crowded than I had imagined. Let's just say there were lots of senior day trippers about!! But at night, when the streets roll up, it is dark and very quiet!!!!

We also had an interesting ferry ride home due to weather. Wednesday night a storm rolled in with heavy rain and wind. Then news of the ferries being cancelled filtered in. Thank goodness we had an afternoon trip booked. The sea was still very rough!!! Large swells and even though the boat is high speed and has stabilizers like a catamaran, it was still bumpy (although not as bad as it could have been). No seasickness to report so all in all, not bad, we made it home safe and sound! Sorry all, I wanted to go out on deck and take some pictures but it was too cold and windy.......

And I didn't buy all that much. A gift for a friend and a sweatshirt for me, and some notecards from the musuem!!!! Not bad!!!


Chewy said...


You take very professional photos. Seriously, it was like looking at a travel magazine. I take terrible photos. I just have no sense of proportion or perspective. I want to go to this hotel now!


Kate said...

Julie, it is should see the inside. And get this, they leave a box of chocolates, a book of bedtime stories and a card with the next days weather on your bed at night!!

And thanks on the is easy when you have nice scenery..ok, except for the blurry ones, I used the wrong shutter speed!!! :)