Thursday, October 19, 2006

I Love Target

Wow, did I completely neglect posting yesterday??? I guess so..... oops!!! Well, yesterday I went to the NEW Target that just opened near us. We were "Target Deprived" in this seriously. And all my friends in other parts of the country talk about finally, one about 15 minutes away. I liked it alot. There was lots of very cool home things....not to mention their "brand" of chocolate is delicious....... :) And then I spent the afternoon working. Yes, working. My muse is back in a BIG way and I am currently working on a new collection! My Gallery get "first pick", but of course if you see something you like and simply have to have, email me and I will put you in touch with the owner for a purchase!! The remaining pieces will go into the online shop, so you can buy it directly from the studio!

Thanks for all the nice email comments about the pictures. And I guess I have turned some new people onto Chihuly!! I do enjoy looking at his work. Ironically, just about every vacation Mark and I go on, there is an exhibit of his in the city we are visiting. I really love seeing the work up close and personal! It's a treat!! Well, then again, I love all things glassy so how could it not be!

No supper to cook tonight and that makes me a happy camper!!! I staye dup way too late last night watching the Project Runway finale on Bravo and am starting to get tired. :( It was a good finale and I think the right person won!!! And then Dancing with the Stars was on too....boy some good tv watching!! And Survivor is on tonight (don't forget Kathy!!).

Ok, back to work.......

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