Monday, October 30, 2006

How can it be Monday???

Ok, it's morning and after a horrible night's sleep, I'm up. Ok, so it is not the crack of dawn but bear in mind I woke up at 3 and did not go back to sleep until 6:30...and only for an hour. I like to ease gently into my day ala the first episode of Frasier. You know, coffee, weather report, blog surf, return emails and decide what I need to do. Since I was in front of the computer, I decided to update the blog while I have my first sip of's getting better!!!

Did everyone have a nice weekend?? Yesterday, my friend Holly and I went out for a shopping day. First, a little nourishment at the local Chinese and then she introduced me to a new store. Like I need introductions, right??? Well it is a TJ Maxx and before you say, oh big deal or do you live in the sticks?? was just accessories, and shoes. No junk just the good stuff. Now, this was no ordinary TJ's.....this place had UGGS people..... and Burberry and Guerlain perfumes.....and current trendy bags!!! I am in love!!! Check out your local mall, there just might be one in there!! I got two awesome bags, and some funky sunglasses!!! Oh yah, we did other shopping too, but that was the highlight. Then Mark's son came over, and we all went out to dinner.......not a bad day, if I say so myself.

Ok, now it's back to reality.......I am planning on getting in some afternoon studio time today after a few errands.......A new collection is "almost" done. I say almost because I feel like I should make one more thing and that will get done today. And I will have a new bracelet for sale......and hopefully some new jewelry for ME!!! And if you are looking for knitting content.....there might be a new blog update today with (gasp) pictures!! :)

Until tomorrow......

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