Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Feelin' Snarky

Sorry guys, this is how I feel today. Snarky. This is a picture of my dog Lucy (sorry it's a scanned image). She gives the best "stink eye". So bad in fact, that the vet used to feel very hurt by those looks. If you spend enough time with her, she will inevitably shoot you "the look", turn and walk away with a strut that reminds me of Tina Turner in heels singing "Proud Mary". Stopping halfway to turn her head and glare. Which to me is the equivalent of giving you the "digit" so to speak! As if to say, "you are just a big bowl of wrong". And you have no idea what you've done...... So today, *I* am giving the "stink eye".

So why am I snarky??? Yesterday, a co worker of my husband emailed me explaining she was making him a "hat" to wear on Halloween with faux "poop" on it. Saying he was a "poophead" because he was NOT dressing up for Halloween in the office. Now you are thinking well she must be young....nope, over 50 and using a word like "poophead". Seriously. No really. Now Mark is in charge, he runs the show. Call me a scrooge, but now, honestly. They are in the middle of a merger with a large company. Imagine "big business suit" man coming in to meet with Mark and seeing him wearing a hat with poop on his head. Fake or real, still mighty undignified, right. Don't even make me tell you what those asshats left in his office on April Fools Day. Halloween has definitely lost it's zip having to deal with this moron and her crazy ideas!!! Lucky for me, I live on a "dead end street" off of a major road so NO ONE comes trick or treating. Oh yah, the neighborhood kids come over, and that's it...done by 6. I am not in the mood this year!

I know I still need to post the Pacific Northwest Series.......it's almost all done with a brand new section on the site...I just need to proof read it first!!! Maybe later........


Anonymous said...

Hey Katie,
Still enjoying your blog and your jewelry.
Sorry your snarky!! But do love the word!!
Hubby's place sounds amazing. And do tell - what did they leave in his office on Aprils Fool's Day?? Have me curious now.
Happy Halloween.

Kate said...

HI Helen, Email me a PM and I'll email you back!!!It's too gross to say in public!!! :) Now aren't you curious??? Bwhahaha!!!! Glad your still reading!!! Leave me comments anytime!!

Anonymous said...

Can;t say here. Oh my goodnss yes I am curiuos!
But what's a PM?? Sorry not real compuer literate.

Kate said...

Hi Helen.... I just saw this comment...ok, a private message. Email me at designsbykatie (at) hotmail (dot). com!!!! I typed it that way so will not get spam. You will need to put in the "@" and the "." ok???? There is a link on my site with contact info too!!!