Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Bon Voyage...again.....

Hi Everyone....sorry for the lack of posting around here.....I seeem to have caught a cold which totally knocked me on my butt for the past couple of days. I have no time to be sick (who does??) as I am leaving tomorrow for yet another trip. This time to visit my friend Nui in Seattle, well Redmond to be exact. I have been looking forward to this trip so I cannot, no I simply cannot feel ill. So, I have been doing nothing...nothing but sleeping and drinking soup and water and taking alka seltzer cold. I do feel better today!

So is their new jewelry?? Nope. New beads and stuff for sale?? Nope. When I come home I will be showing the studio and beads who's boss and making lots of jewels for you (and me). Just in time for the Holidays!!! Which are coming up fast and furious!!!

And I'm gonna leave you with a little somethin' to keep you busy in my abscence.....a little recipe site I stumbled across. Let me know if you make anything from it and give us all a little review!!

30 Ways to Eat Pumpkin

Hopefully I will give you an update or two from the trip.....if I have time for computer stuff!! :)

Talk to you next week!!!

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