Monday, October 16, 2006

Back in the Groove

Ok, I'm getting back into the groove here...s-l-o-w-l-y........I tried to do the typical Monday "stuff" know, groceries, post office, etc. but only made it halfway through.....I know I am whining....... The good news is, I am making jewelry.......the gallery called and needs MORE (I LOVE that) so I am making a new collection!!! I have made two new bracelets already and three more are waiting, all lined up....... :) The emails are slowly getting returned, mail is sorted, phone calls are all returned!!

And the pictures are getting there. I just have one more "set" to edit from the Japanese Garden. I took LOTS of pictures there....LOTS.......I couldn't help it. It was beautiful. And they had the BIGGEST koi I have ever seen. No, these babies weren't big, they were HUGE!!! Long story short, hopefully the pictures will be up tomorrow!! And if you like Chihuly, there are some cool pictures that you will love!!!

Ok, what else is happening, not much. Tomorrow I am getting my much needed dye job on the hair, can you say ROOTS???? And that will make me feel better. When your hair looks good, all is right with the world...kinda......

Alrighty then, supper is in the oven and I must go check on it, until tomorrow.......

(And did anyone see the finale of Flava of Love last night?? Wow, that's all I can say, W-O-W!! Yes, I really do watch that....I will admit it.)

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Chewy said...

Katie, welcome home and thank you for turning me on to Chihuly...oh my gosh!

Julie V