Thursday, September 07, 2006

Who wears croc, crocs???

Ok, for some reason that "short shorts" song is stuck in my head but I am substituting the word "croc" for "shorts"!! :) Well I went to get myself a pair today. I chose the light blue and then found a coral pair that was a to die for color....but I left the store with these babies.....

Are they bright enough for ya???

And that's me, modeling them for you!!!

Honestly, they are super comfy and kinda fun!!! I think I need another pair!! Other than that, not much happening, I am knotting a little project for myself, which involves knitting so it will go on the knitting blog later.....and the sweet and sour meatballs (vegetarian style) are simmering on the stove. Lucy is perched looking out the front door waiting for Mark to get home. He's not due for at least another half hour.....we should all be that patient!! So that's my day...not to exciting..........

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