Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Weekly Special

As is the weekly special!! Last week it was beads, this week jewelry!!! Ready and waiting for a new home.....

Navajo Stones
You will get the necklace AND Earrings!!!!
Price: $50
This necklace was one of my favorites and why no one snatched it up was beyond me. Originally, I asked $80 for the set! It features lampwork tabs by the one and only Jelveh Designs, black onyx, and sterling silver!!!! It is 17 1/2 inches long. (I know it's short, read below.)

Here's the deal......because this is at such a bargain price, no gift box is included. I will put the jewelry in an organza bag for storage.

$3 regular USPS first class shipping. (Insurance NOT included)

Ok, you want it, but need it longer.....or want to change clasps??
I will restring it for you up to 20 inches for $8 more.

Email me if you are interested!!!

I'll blog more later...I have errands to run and I have to get to the Post Office with everyone's packages!!! Have a great day!!!

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