Saturday, September 09, 2006

Tied in Knots!!

Well, I've been working on a new series of Chinese Knotted Necklaces. I have been wanting to create and expand on this theme, but just never found the "right" inspiration!! Until I got some of Kim Scott's fabulous boro beads!! I set to work on a teal necklace and I must have tied, untied and tied again the same knot 10 or more times!! Yes, that's the truth!! They will look similar in style to the "Green Goddess" necklace that is for sale in the Cafe! I am planning on renaming it and adding it to the collection, after all, it inspired the whole thing! I really am in love with that style, the cording is so very comfortable and light!!

Frustrated, I gave up and we went out to dinner at the Rustic Kitchen. I really love the food there...and the wine is pretty good as well!! ::wink:: There Caesar salad is the best around! It comes in the parmesan cheese "basket" that is so delicious!

This morning, I finished up my friend's purse......I'll post a picture of it on my knitting blog! I just love it. I found the perfect bead for the bag...not hard to do as I have tons of beads!!! :) And now I am just waiting for Norma to come by so we can head to the shelter.

Until tomorrow!!

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