Monday, September 04, 2006

Summer is OVER!!!!

Happy Labor Day!! I hope you're all enjoying the last "real weekend" of Summer!!! Me?? I'm actually working.....well kinda......I've been catching up on some computer/website stuff and studio work!! This afternoon, I think a friend is coming over for lunch and then maybe some relaxing, and knitting.....sounds pretty good to me!! The sun is shining and it is a beautiful day in contrast to yesterday, which was gray and rainy! We've been sitting around watching "Rome" this weekend.....that HBO series. Is anyone else watching it??? Well, it's good......the first couple of episodes were pretty graphic,yes graphic! And the characters are pretty complicated, lots of Latin names and different place names, but it is getting better. The violence and sex have toned down and I'm learning all the characters now...... We are only on the second disc (of six) so things might change!!! Not the best review I know, ask me about it when I finish all six discs!!

On the design front, I posted some new bracelets on the website!!! And updated my Bead gallery!!! It was about time!!! Just click on the bracelet to go over there and check it out! Feel free to leave a comment over there as well!!!

So, I guess that's all the newws for today!! Have a wonderful day!!!

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