Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Mystery of Flight

One last post before I leave on a quick trip! I'm all packed and the "banned" items are all safely tucked in my checked bag....who ever thought that toothpaste and bottled water would be a banned item. Don't get me wrong, I want to be safe, and I am all for making people carry smaller carry ons (I will NOT rant about this again....) BUT.......

According to the TSA website, the following things are allowed/not allowed. If this makes sense to you, please help me out!!! I have been laughing/shaking my head about this all week. Just imagine the HUGE think tank they had to come up with these gems.....

You can take on a gel filled bra, but not a gel insole in your shoe.

You can take on a corkscrew (this is a dangerous article in my book) but no wine! (So what is the point of that!)

You can take on a cigar cutter, but you cannot smoke.

You cannot take on jelly/pudding/yogurt/toothpaste/ointment but you can take "personal lubricant". (I know gross topic...but seriously.....this makes me ROAR with laughter!!)

So, while you ponder these mysteries of flight, I will return with some stories I am sure...or maybe I won't!!! I am going bead shopping I will have goodies to share!!!

Talk to you on Thursday!

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