Thursday, September 21, 2006

Look out!!!!

Today's mood...FRUSTRATION!!!!! ARGH!!!! Why?? I have spent the past 20 minutes trying to upload pictures to this darn blog!!! I think it is this computer which really sUcKs!!! I should have gone with my intutition and gotten a MAC.....sigh......but I didn't so I am stuck with this for the time being!! But, back to the pictures!

Ok, the first picture was going to be of my new stamp(s) and I wanted to tell you all about where I got them, so you can get some too!! The artist's aname is Paula Best and she is one of the NICEST people!!! I ordered quite a few stamps and then had a little S.N.A.F.U. with my order...well, she emailed me back quite a few times and not only did she ship them to me Priority for free, BUT she sent me the most ADORABLE pug stamp!!! Thank you Paula and your art totally ROCKS!!! Go over to her site's awesome! It's very inspiring, make s me want to go draw, sketch and paint.....

The second picture was of beads, but of course. They are by a new artist named Angie Greer Garren of Angelina Beadalina. Her speciality is focals with a "world" flair. We met on Bead and became fast online buddies!! (Hiya Angie) I am now lucky enough to own not one, but TWO of her Ganesh focals. Ganesh??? Well, he is a Hindu god and his speciality is the "overcomer of obstacles". In my opinion a very handy guy to have around. I am planning on making some awesome knotted necklaces!! Pop on over to her site too, she just finished it. Congratulations Angie!!!! And if a bead speaks to it!!!!

I'll show the pictures of these things eventually!!! If I don't pitch this computer out the window first!!! :) Only kidding, it's the only one I've got so I need to be nice!!! I guess I shouldn't even bother trying to upload a picture on my knitting blog either, huh. Maybe I will be back with pictures.......hopefully.......fingers crossed!!

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