Friday, September 01, 2006

Go see it!!

Last night, my friend Norma and I saw the best movie ever.......Little Miss Sunshine If you haven't seen it, find a theater, grab a buddy, and GO!!!! We both loved it. In some was it reminded me of know, a low key film that takes everyone by surprise!! The acting was fabulous!! Steve Carell was great!!! But for me, the person who stole the show was Paul Dano, who didn't even speak until the end! Oh and you'll do alot of laughing!!!!

It'll probably be a weekend of movie watching here....we are supposed to get the remnants of tropical storm "Ernesto". Although I have plenty to do to keep me busy both in the house and studio!! I've been working on some new Chinese knotted necklaces because I love them so much!!

Sorry for the short update today, I guess there isn't much to say........yah right, am I ever at a loss for words????

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